Other Names For Tiny Houses

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The Tiny House movement is gaining popularity, but some are still out of the loop.

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If you don’t have time to explain the Tiny House Movement, here are a few other names you could use to describe your tiny house.


1. Small Cabin

Small cabins have been around forever. They are also often off-grid.


2. Portable Cabin

Imagine a cabin on wheels.


3. Custom RV

You are building your own RV camper.


4. Glamper (glamorous camper)

RV upgrade. Glamping has already popular. >> Check out this tiny house “Rustic Glamper”.


5. Park Model RV

This is a real thing. Usually larger than a traditional tiny house.

TBH – I just wrote this post so all the time I spend finding cute head-tilting dog gifs wouldn’t go to waste.

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There’s more! >>

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giphy (3)

Last but not least. ❤️

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