Tiny House Workspace Inspiration

Tiny House Workspace Inspiration - Simply | Marie Tiny House Blog

What about your home office? I get so much more work done when I am sitting at a desk rather than sitting on the couch with my computer. So, having a desk/workspace in my tiny house is important.

Here are a few requirements I have for this desk.

  1. Surrounded by windows.
  2. Located in the front of the house.
  3. I need room for my computer, a lamp and minimal office supplies.

Tiny House Workspaces

My favorite tiny house desk is the one from this blog post. It’s my main inspiration. Here are a few other tiny house offices that I draw inspiration from.

1. This one isn’t nestled in a corner of windows. But it’s practical and doesn’t take up too much space.

Tiny House Desk Inspiration
Tiny House Desk

2. Here is one in front of a window. Right across from the kitchen. Which makes sense for me because multitasking.

Tiny House Desk and Kitchen
Lily’s Tiny House

3. Nestled in the front of the house with a window. Check!

Tiny House Desk Inspiration
Oregon Tiny House

3. Two workspaces. I love this one because it has a desk designated for knitting/crochet.

Tiny House workspace and desk.
The Tiny Project

4. Minimalist desk. Still enough room for a laptop, lamp and more.

Lindley tiny house desk.

5. Here is a desk/couch workspace fit for an artist.

Tiny House artist workspace.
Tiny House Artist

This last tiny house workspace leads me to an important question. How cozy do I want my workspace to be?


Maybe I should focus on a cozy workspace? These aren’t from tiny houses, but I love their decor and window designs.

1. This is from a house in Finland. Love the corner window with plants and floral print throw pillows.

Corner Window Inspiration
Finland Home

2. Overhead windows?

Corner Window Inspiration
At The Lake

3. White Christmas lights are a must. They are the perfect addition to a cozy corner.

cozy corner window workspace inspiration
Tiny House Desk

Thanks for reading!

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