My Tiny House

I have so many things I want to do with this tiny house. If I wait for it to be finished before I show it off, I never will.

Here are a few photos of my tiny house.


My workspace.

Visually blocked off with a rug. And a cat. She fell off the windowsill once when she was trying to sleep there. So I made some accommodations.

The occasional head-pat was well worth the money.



My kitchen.

The theme is lemons. Feedback welcome.



My closet.

When I’m done getting ready for the day I move Diana’s bed in the closet.

The table / window seat is a work in progress. — Still cozy!



My bathroom.

Diana has to check the whole house when she comes in from outside — very normal behavior for german shepherds. Her muddy paws on my white rug are a small price to pay for safety.



The pantry.

And the fridge. And the ladder to the loft. Also, the coffee maker. I take the whole tray down and set it on the counter when I need coffee.


The toaster oven remains a mystery. I read the owner’s manual forwards and back. The only placement warning it had was not to have anything set on top of it when it was in use.

As an American. I am used to much more caution and CYA-type copy from companies that sell kitchen appliances.

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