Making My Loft Accessible To My Dog (with gifs)

Creating better access to my loft that would allow Diana in was an easy “yes” for me. German Shepherds are velcro dogs. They like to be right with you at all times. 

They are also darn good snuggle buddies.

My first loft ladder was steep and skinny. Diana wouldn’t even try to climb it. 

We needed a better solution. 

Fast forward to now: I have a large staircase that lowers and lifts from the ceiling of my tiny house to access my loft. 

The carpeting isn’t ideal and the machinery that operates it is loud, but Diana has access to the queen-sized bed she deserves.

Gsd GIF-downsized

Insta: @dianadoesherbest

Here is how I did it. 


Step 1: We build a larger staircase. 

The steps are wider and deeper. A little farther apart.

This version of the stairs was more like a ladder. No carpeting, I loved the look! 

But Diana wasn’t having it. She didn’t have a good grip and the gaps between the steps were too intimidating — I think, I don’t really know what goes on in that little mind of hers. 

Tiny House GIF-downsized (1)


Step 2: My dad comes up with an idea to expand the stairs and add carpeting for traction. 

Diana makes it up to the loft and everyone is ecstatic. — except for the cat.

Dog GIF-downsized

However, now I have a large staircase taking up half of my house. 


Step 3: We decide a winch is the best way to lift and lower the ladder from the ceiling. 

A pully system would have been cool. But ultimately, the winch was stronger and took up less space. 

Tiny House GIF-downsized

It’s powered by an old motorcycle battery my dad had in the garage. 

Bonus: Now I have more space in my house during the daytime. 


Making My Loft Accessible To My Dog

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